Aberystwyth donors

We sent a text message to Donors who normally donate at Aberystwyth for a session at Aberystwyth University in error. We understand that some donors that have received this message may not be eligible at the time of the session at Aberystwyth University having donated recently.


As a reminder:

– Males can donate every 12 Weeks (No more than 4 times in a rolling 12 Months)
– Females can donate every 16 Weeks (No more than 3 times in a rolling 12 Months)


If you are in any doubt about your eligibility to donate at Aberystwyth University on 11th 12th and 13th March, please call the Donor Contact Centre on 0800 25 25 66 and we can check your eligibility to donate. If you know you are eligible to donate on these dates please follow this link to book your appointment. www.wbs.wales/AberUni1103


If you know that you aren’t eligible to donate on these dates, the next session at Aberystwyth has availability in May and can be booked now via our Website.