Blood stock levels

Here's where you can find out how much blood we are holding in our blood bank at our head quarters in Talbot Green, Llantrisant. Please be advised the hospitals we supply will also be holding blood in their blood bank.

Please note that these figures can change suddenly with the demands of our hospitals requirements. It is very important that we have good collections up until 2pm everyday to be able to produce platelets from the blood collected to supply hospitals for leukaemia and cancer patients. Please make every effort to attend the session you are called to, donating regularly at the place you are called helps us maintain healthy blood stocks. Of course if you miss your regular session please visit our WHERE TO DONATE page and find out where you can attend.

If your blood type is highlighted in RED, this means your blood type is in short supply and it is important that you make a special effort to attend and donate for us.

The chart below shows how many days stock we have at the Welsh Blood Service.

Updated: 9th February 2016

Where can I donate?

Lyriacos's story

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