Inspiring stories

Meet the people who have faced adversity and survived. For many of these people, their lives have been saved by the kindness of blood and platelet donors.

“No one truly understands the importance of blood or platelet donations – until someone you know receives them”.

“I can recall every unit of blood, every unit of platelets and every healthcare professional responsible for saving her life.”

  • Catherine’s Story

    Like many students, Catherine came along to give blood for the first time whilst studying at university. Unfortunately she failed the iron test and the nurse explained she was probably a little anaemic and took a sample of blood to be tested.
  • Latifah’s Story

    Latifah's eleven year old twin daughters are the picture of health, fun loving girls who like playing on the computer, going to Guides and eating Mum's home made southern fried chicken.
  • Lyriacos’s story

    Lyriacos Kanias was only 6 months old when he was diagnosed with an inherited blood disorder, thalassemia, which prevented him from making his own red blood cells. To stay alive he faced a lifetime of transfusions.
  • Sarah & Charlie’s story

    Sarah Hall is a Recruitment Co-ordinator at the Welsh Blood Service never did she think one of her children would need blood.
  • Sian’s story

    "My family experienced a life changing event which rather put things into perspective for me. My mum had been on dialysis for 2 and a half years before she received the call to go into hospital for a kidney transplant."
  • Jay’s story

    "I would describe myself as an ordinary guy, busy working, enjoying time with my family and holidays in my caravan. But three years ago I collapsed suddenly at home. My wife found me unconscious on the floor.
  • Gareth’s story

    At 23 years old, Gareth was a promising young rugby player with a great future ahead of him. The first sign that there was anything wrong was a swelling in his hand.
  • Orla’s story

    When three year old Orla Galton was diagnosed with leukaemia her family were devastated and feared they may lose her.