Clinicians and Lab Services North and South

Will we get more shortages of red cells/platelets than we currently see?

No. This should not be any different to current state. We will be holding collection sessions in North Wales as currently held by NHS Blood and Transplant and additional venues will be factored in across Mid, South and North Wales to meet the requirements for all hospitals.

Will we see a difference in the supply of specific antigen typed units?

No. The majority of units supplied by WBS are fully typed units. Where units have a rarer phenotype these will be held at the centre in Talbot Green or the Stock Holding Unit in North Wales so they will be available as and when required.

Where will the Stock Holding Unit be situated in North Wales?

The stock holding unit will be situated in Pembroke House in Wrexham

Will there be more ORhD Negative shortages?

This should not occur providing hospitals do not order/maintain a stock of ORhD Neg red cells which is higher than the normal population of patients/donors.

What are the benefits for North Wales?

The benefits are varied:

A supply of components and wholesale products closer to the 3 hospitals.

More stock on site.

All platelets are irradiated.

What are the benefits for South Wales?

A more cohesive approach to supply and demand, reduced requirement for configuration for the All Wales LIMS.

Will we all get the same delivery schedules to blood transfusion departments?

Across South Wales the delivery schedule varies, dependent on hospital requirements. This can be twice a day for 1 hospital to twice a week for another.

In North Wales current status is 2 deliveries per day and ad hoc deliveries when required. To start we will deliver daily (Mon-Fri) to the 3 hospitals in BCUHB. This will be reviewed and amended as required.

Will the supply of HLA matched platelets be affected?

The Welsh Blood Service is committed to meeting the demand for HLA matched platelets across Wales. At the moment our platelet collection strategy is under review by a working group who will establish the most appropriate means to maintain an adequate supply of HLA matched platelets.

Will the supply of apheresis platelets be affected?

We do not believe that this will be a problem. We will comply with SaBTO recommendations to supply the correct proportion of platelets as apheresis.

Will the turnaround times for reference serology be adversely affected by additional workload from BCUHB?

We do not anticipate you will see any difference as the number of samples referred from N Wales is likely to be very low based on their current referral patterns to NHS Blood and Transplant.