Donors in North Wales

How can I book future appointments?

Please continue to book your future appointments as normal with NHS Blood and Transplant. From 30th April 2016, donors can request and cancel an appointment by visiting or book directly by calling the Welsh Blood Service on 0800 252266.

Will I be able to still attend my local clinic?

Yes. We know from our colleagues at NHS Blood and Transplant that there are loyal donors in North Wales and there are no plans to close established clinics. Maintaining the support of dedicated life saving donors is one of our top priorities.

Are there any major changes?

No. The current donation staff will continue to collect blood donations so you will continue to see familiar faces! The donation process remains the same apart from the health screen questionnaire. The paper health questionnaire is being withdrawn and donors will use an easy to use touch screen tablet to complete their donor health check. As always, donor care is a priority.

Must I pre-book an appointment to give blood or am I able to just walk-in?

We shall continue to offer donors a mixture of pre-booked and walk-in appointments. We would like to encourage donors to continue to book appointments in the future.

Where will my blood donation be used?

When we have an all-Wales blood service, the Welsh Blood Service will be responsible for all aspects of blood collection across Wales. All the blood and blood components collected from donors in Wales will be processed, tested and stored before distribution to Welsh hospitals. These products are vital in supporting patients in Wales.

Will my donor number change following the hand over?

Yes. The WBS and NHSBT will electronically link donors’ records. Every donor will receive a new card and a unique donor number following their 1st donation with the WBS.

Will my personal data be safe and secure when transferred from the NHSBT to the WBS donor database?

Yes. We take data protection seriously and are working closely with NHS Blood and Transplant to safely manage the data handover to ensure we are compliant with legislation and best practice guidance.

Is the eligibility criteria different at the Welsh Blood Service?

No, we are governed by the same regulations. However, the WBS does not test for West Nile Virus, so donors who have travelled to a West Nile Virus area between 1st May – 30th November will be deferred for 28 days..

Am I able to donate in Wales and England?

Yes. However, to be able to donate in both England and Wales you will need to be registered with NHS Blood and Transplant and the Welsh Blood Service. The guidelines for eligibility remain the same – you can donate as long as 12 weeks has passed since your last donation for male donors and 16 weeks has passed for female donors.

Where is the WBS headquarters based?

The Welsh Blood Service Headquarters is based in South Wales. Following the hand over, every blood donation collected in Wales will be processed and tested at our headquarters.

We will have a stockholding unit and blood collection teams based in North Wales.

Where is the base for the staff in North Wales?

Two teams will be based in Wrexham and Bangor and a new stock holding unit will be located in Wrexham.

How do I contact the Welsh Blood Service?

There are two main ways to get in touch with the Welsh Blood Service. Free phone number 0800 252266 or to book an appointment (following the introduction of the National Service) you can visit

Will you still notify me when I am due to donate?

Yes. Every eligible donor will receive an invitation letter with clinic information and an eligibility checklist as a reminder to get in touch if anything has changed since your last donation. If you have booked an appointment, a text message reminder with the date and your appointment time will be sent a few days before the clinic.

I currently donate platelets through apheresis in England, will I now be able to do this in clinics in North Wales?

NHS Blood and Transplant do not currently provide apheresis clinics in North Wales and there are no plans by the Welsh Blood Service to provide apheresis clinics in North Wales. If donors based in North Wales wish to continue donating through apheresis in England, they will be able to do so.

Will I be able to update my records online with the Welsh Blood Service?

There is a form on the website that will allow you to submit a record change. In the future the Welsh Blood Service will be looking into new technology for donors to access their donation history.

Can I access my donation history via the Welsh Blood Service website?

We are looking into new technology for donors to access their donation history.