Accessibility Help

In order to make this site accessible to as many people as possible, it has been built to certain web standards to ensure that people with disabilities find this website easy to use.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that helps Web developers make sites accessible. This site has been built to fully comply with Priority 1 and 2 of those guidelines, and matches many of the Priority 3 issues also.

User tips and Information:
Text Size – If you would like to change the text size on the page there are 2 alternatives:

Select the VIEW option on your browser’s toolbar. Then click on ‘Text Size’ and choose one of the options that you find most comfortable to view.
If you have a scrolling wheel on your mouse, you can hold down the ‘Control’ (Ctrl) key on your key pad and at the same time move the ‘scroll wheel’ to increase and decrease the text size.
Skip Links – Each page starts with navigation, but there is a skip link at the top of each page that will take you to the main content.

Decorative Images – Decorative images on the site may not have alternative text, but only if they do not carry any useful information, or duplicate nearby written text.

If you have any comments about the accessibility of this site or if you would like to make a suggestion to help us make this site more accessible, contact the Welsh Blood Service