Convalescent plasma collection suspended across UK

In agreement with Welsh Government and following instruction from Dr Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer for NHS Wales, in accordance with the UK position, the collection of convalescent plasma will be suspended from today.


The decision has been made across the UK following the results of the RECOVERY and REMAP-CAP trials, which both showed no significant benefit from convalescent plasma compared with the usual standard of care.


The announcement comes weeks after the ban on using UK plasma to manufacture medicines was lifted allowing UK blood services to explore the possibility of collecting plasma for medicinal treatments.


Alan Prosser, Director of the Welsh Blood Service, said:


“On behalf of the Welsh Blood Service I would like to thank everyone who came to donate convalescent plasma.

“With the support we received from donors, staff and our colleagues across the NHS and Welsh Government we were able to introduce a new way of donating.

“This isn’t necessarily the end for plasma donation in Wales. We are already exploring with Welsh Government how we could maximise the opportunity of collecting regular plasma from donors to help other patients in need.”

Dr Gill Richardson, DCMO,  Chair of the Wales CP Board said

“We are very grateful for the efforts of the staff involved from the Welsh Blood Service and Public Health Wales. They have helped towards the most significant studies that have ever been conducted on the use of Convalescent Plasma.
“We look forwards to the next steps in the use of plasma in Wales.”