Facebook teams up with the Welsh Blood Service and NHS blood services in England and Northern Ireland to increase blood donations with new feature

Facebook has announced a partnership with the Welsh Blood Service, NHS Blood and Transplant service and the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service to help top up the blood donation pipeline with much-needed ‘new blood’.

Launching today, Facebook’s new blood donation feature, which has already helped to recruit more than 70 million blood donors globally, will allow those aged between 18 and 65 to sign up to receive updates on Facebook about giving blood, get notified about opportunities to donate at local blood donation centres and invite friends to donate.

Facebook is promoting the feature by notifying people in their newsfeeds or people can simply find it by searching “blood donations” on Facebook.

Each week around 1,675 blood donations are needed by the Welsh Blood Service to meet the needs of patients across Wales with every donation potentially helping save up to three lives.

However, most donors are aged over 45 which is why the Welsh Blood Service, alongside the blood services in England and Northern Ireland, is seeking to recruit ‘new blood’ through Facebook’s blood donation feature to help secure the next generation of long-term donors and protect the blood supply for the future.

Commenting on this Alan Prosser, Director at the Welsh Blood Service, said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Facebook on this exciting new feature for blood donors. It’s another great way people can start their journey to becoming a real lifesaver and an easy way to keep up to date on local donation opportunities.

“Every day we rely on the generosity of our donors to provide vital donations of blood, platelets, plasma and bone marrow to meet the supply demands of the 19 hospitals we service.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting us with new challenges, we’re eager to see the difference this collaboration will make for the next generation of blood donors in Wales.”

Steve Hatch, Facebook Vice President for Northern Europe, added:

“Giving blood saves countless lives and now the NHS and Facebook are making it easier than ever for people to donate and make a difference using Facebook’s blood donation feature.

“Within a few clicks you can sign up and be notified when your local donor centre needs more donors to book in as well as encourage others to do the same. It’s on all of us to do our bit, so if you’ve never given blood before, or if it keeps dropping off the to-do list, why not sign up and help save a life.”

Click here to book a lifesaving blood donation at your nearest regional hub.