Blood 4 life

What is the Blood 4 Life Ambassador Programme?

The Blood 4 Life Ambassador programme is an opportunity for groups of young adults across Wales to make a difference by regularly donating blood.

The Blood 4 Life programme is a way for young adults to do something really special and save lives.

Why do we need young adults involved?

It’s simple, you’re our future. As a young person in Wales, if you can’t help us, now or in the future, who can? Every day we need hundreds of blood donations to help patients in Welsh hospitals. Your support is needed to ensure that they receive the blood they need. Why? Because blood means life – it is that simple and that important.

How can you help?

Support the Welsh Blood Service and make a commitment to saving lives by becoming a blood donor, every time you give blood you’ll know that you’ve saved a life.

If you’re unable to give blood there are other ways to help save lives, you can support us by talking to your friends, families and teachers about blood donation and encourage them to give blood.

We hope that once you start supporting us you’ll continue to do so throughout your life, which will mean that you’ll help to save not just one, but many lives.