Let’s Play – Sam’s Story

Like all new parents, Fiona & Nick were over the moon when baby Sam arrived safely into the world – a healthy baby and a little brother to Harry.

At around 6 months Fiona knew something was wrong because Sam would cry as if in pain and was inconsolable. Her instincts were right and baby Sam was diagnosed with a brain tumour. No words could describe his parents’ feelings at this worrying time.

Sam was admitted to the Children’s Hospital for Wales and with the expertise of a team of doctors and neurosurgeons he underwent major surgery.

After an agonising wait, doctors confirmed the tumour was cancerous. Sam’s life hung in the balance, and everyday was uncertain. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment followed and like most cancer patients, Sam needed numerous blood and platelet transfusions.

Everyday the family faced a different trauma but they never gave up hope. The one thing the family could count on, knowing blood and platelets were always available when little Sam needed a transfusion, even at Christmas.

Looking at six year old Sam today “There is nothing more valuable than life itself, and that’s what you are giving when you donate.”