New Facebook and Instagram account expands Service’s Welsh-language presence on social media

The Welsh Blood Service is delighted to have added Welsh language Facebook and Instagram accounts to its growing social media community.

The new accounts will run alongside the current Welsh-language Twitter (@rhowchwaedgymru), which will mean the all-Wales service now has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for English-speaking and Welsh-speaking followers.

Jonathan Ellis, Head of Donor Engagement at the Welsh Blood Service, said: “Social media provides a unique destination for our followers to receive information from us and to share their stories with one another.

“Our English-language social media community is thriving and we’re desperately keen to create a similar environment for our Welsh speaking followers. The new Facebook and Instagram Welsh-language pages will play a big part in this.

“We would like to encourage all Welsh language speakers or those wishing to improve their Welsh to get behind us by following the service online and sharing our posts with their friends.”

The existing Welsh Blood Service social media accounts have grown significantly in the last six months, with a following of over 20,000 followers in total.

The service uses its current social media accounts to encourage people living in Wales to book donation appointments, to read stories about why others give blood and to share patient stories about what receiving blood, platelets or bone marrow means to them.

Commenting on the new changes, Jo Williams, Welsh Language Officer at Velindre NHS Trust, said: “We’re proud to be an all-Wales service so it’s really important for us to have a Welsh language presence online.

“We hope that the changes we’ve made will engage with the Welsh-speaking public and enable more people to learn and use the Welsh language online.”

You can follow the Service’s Welsh language accounts by searching: Gwasanaeth Gwaed Cymru on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.