New Transfusion Therapy Initiative

The Minister for Health & Social Services, Lesley Griffiths visited the Welsh Blood Service to meet a group of nurses, midwives and pharmacists who are expanding their knowledge of blood component transfusion to provide appropriate and timely care.

Each year around 100,000 voluntary donations are collected and transfused to patients in Wales and because of continued improvements, blood transfusion has never been safer. The Better Blood Transfusion team at the Welsh Blood Service work closely with hospitals in Wales to improve the transfusion process and practices in order to ensure a high standard of care to patients.

Historically, implementing transfusion therapy has been the responsibility of medically qualified clinicians alone. A new initiative has recently been introduced to extend the role of suitably qualified health care professionals who work in clinical areas where blood is transfused on a regular basis.

The initiative gained the support of Swansea University in accreditation of specific modules at graduate and postgraduate levels. In conjunction with the Better Blood Transfusion Team and Swansea University the course commenced in October 2011 with a pilot group of 12 participants. The Non-medical Authorisation of Blood Transfusion (NABT) programme provides suitably qualified health care professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to include blood transfusion therapy as an integral part of appropriate management for patients under their care.