Olympic Gold Medal Cyclist Geraint Thomas visits our clinic in Talbot Green

Beijing gold medal cyclist Geraint Thomas took time out from training for the Tour De France to visit the Welsh Blood Service newly refurbished clinic in Talbot Green.

Geraint was keen to meet blood and platelet donors as he knows all too well how important donors are to patients throughout the world.

At the age of eighteen, Geraint left his home in Cardiff and went to Australia to train for the World Championships. Whilst cycling to the track Geraint was involved in an accident. A front rider hit a piece of metal debris in the road which flicked up into Geraints’ wheel, causing him to fly off his bike and crash down onto the handlebars.

Geraint suffered internal bleeding and the impact ruptured his spleen. He required an emergency operation to remove his spleen and during surgery Geraint needed two blood transfusions and stayed in intensive care for four days.

The life of a professional cyclist involves dedication, commitment and endurance and after six weeks Geraint was back on his bike determined to get back into training.

Geraint added “You never know what life is going to throw at you. It is incredible when you think about it, anyone at anytime could need a helping hand from a stranger who donates blood. It is really special.”

“It was great to meet donors today at the Welsh Blood Services flagship clinic at Talbot Green. It gave me an opportunity to remind them how important they are to everyone in Wales.”

Because of the expert care and blood donors, Geraint is back on track and hoping to pick up another medal at the Olympics Games in 2012.