Sian’s story

“My family experienced a life changing event which rather put things into perspective for me. My mum had been on dialysis for 2 and a half years before she received the call to go into hospital for a kidney transplant.”

“It was a stressful time for my family but thankfully the transplant was a success and after 3 weeks mum came home.

Of course, we knew that mum owed her life to a number of people; the doctors who performed the surgery, the donor family who had consented to the use of their loved ones organs and also those people who had donated their blood so that it could be given to mum during the operation. Kidney transplants require about 15 units of blood meaning that 15 people had to donate for just one person.

My family are so grateful to those people who had taken time out of their lives to give their blood in order to help people like my mum.”