Supporting World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK one in two people in Great Britain will get cancer in their lifetime. People diagnosed with cancer, particularly those people who have not sought advice from professionals, need support more than ever before.

The theme for World Cancer Day is part of a three year campaign titled ‘I Am and I Will’. The theme is built to inspire change and mobilise action across the globe to reduce the number of premature deaths from cancer and non-communicable diseases by one third by 2030.

The Welsh Blood Service mark the occasion each year by thanking donors across the country for the difference they make. The donations received by generous donors help to provide cancer patients with the vital treatment they need as part of their care plan.

Some supporters have been inspired to donate as a result of a family member receiving blood products themselves in a time of need.

Sue, from Cardiff, started donating after her sister received a lifesaving blood transfusion during childbirth. Her mother then received potentially lifesaving transfusions whilst suffering from bowel cancer.

Sue has regularly been donating blood for over 30 years and has supported World Cancer Day by allowing the Service to share her story of how donating has saved the lives of two of her family members. This is her story.

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