These Mums are here today thanks to blood donors – Julie’s Story

The Rees family home is busy, warm and filled with lots of love.

Youngest son Dafydd, aged 11 is belting out a tune on his trombone, Dad Martyn is gathering muddy football kits into the washing basket and Mum Julie is surrounded by pins and threads as she creates another stage costume for her drama-loving son. This is the picture of busy family life!

Julie needed several transfusions following the birth of her first child 20 years ago and then again when her youngest son Dafydd was born prematurely.

“Without blood donors I wouldn’t be here to see my three children grow up and celebrate all of their achievements.”

“A million thanks to all the blood donors! It might seem really small and insignificant to them, but to people like us…it is our life.”