Royal Welsh visitors will be first to discover ‘What’s My Type?’

The Welsh Blood Service is launching innovative blood tests at next week’s Royal Welsh Show as part of its new ‘What’s My Type’ campaign.

The tests, which will be available at the show from 24th – 27th July, can indicate participants’ blood types almost instantly.

The simple process requires one small pinprick of blood, which is combined with a solution to reveal the participant’s most likely blood type within just a few minutes.

Daniel Edwards from Builth Wells was one of the first to trial the new process. “I’ve always been interested to know what my blood type is but I’ve never donated. The test was over really quickly and after speaking to the team I understand how important it is for people like me to donate in the future”.

The Welsh Blood Service is hoping that the What’s My Type campaign, which will be rolled out across Wales, will help to encourage new donors to make their first donation.

Director of the Welsh Blood Service, Cath O’Brien, said: “Only 3% of the eligible population give blood, and we’re always looking at new and creative ways to encourage donors to help supply hospitals in Wales with the blood they need.

“It’s crucial that we have a steady supply of donors for each blood type ready to step forward. O Negative donors are particularly important as their blood is universal and can be given to anyone in an emergency.

“We’re hoping that by encouraging the public to find out their blood type, it will help when we appeal for specific types of donations.”

To find out your potential blood type, visit the Welsh Blood Service’s ‘What’s My Type?’ stand at the Royal Welsh Show located at the Young Farmers Building from 24th – 27th July. To enrol as a blood donor, visit