All Wales Blood Service

Currently the Welsh Blood Service collects blood, processes and tests it, and supplies blood to hospitals in Wales.

On 2nd May 2016, we became a national service and began collecting blood in North Wales. Previously to this, the service covered Mid, South and West Wales.

This is how our service operates now that we’re a national service;

1. We will extend and increase the current collection activities in North Wales to support the demand from Welsh hospitals.

2. Two collection teams will be based in the East and West (of North Wales), operating a combination of community and mobile donation sessions.

3. Blood collected from clinic sessions will be transported to a Stock Holding Unit in the Wrexham area.

4. Collected donations and samples will be transported to the Welsh Blood Service headquarters in Talbot Green for processing.

5. Processed blood products will be returned to the Stock Holding Unit in the Wrexham area for distribution to hospitals in North Wales.